Mobirise 3.1

An intuitive offline website editor based on Bootstrap
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Mobirise helps you create your own website from scratch even if you do not know any programming language. It has an intuitive interface based on dragging elements to the desired block. Luckily, everything you do is previewed exactly as it will appear in the web browser. The tool is based on Bootstrap, a very popular responsive CSS framework.

As Mobirise works offline, you need to decide where you want to upload the finished web project to. On the one hand, this is good if you cannot be connected to the Internet permanently. On the other, this requires buying a hosting plan. It is good news that you can easily update your site in offline mode, and then the program will only upload the modified files. There is also the possibility of publishing your site to a local server or Cloud-based locations, such as Google Drive and GitHub.

The application has various modules that allow you create pages and organize websites. Although it does not have as many features as other tools of the same type, you can install additional extensions, which allow such operations as adding comments, consulting browsing statistics, collecting Twitter posts and including audio. In addition, you can use templates for quicker and less personalized tasks.

In general, Mobirise is an excellent choice if you do need to create a website without spending much time and effort on it, but you should also be aware that constructing a really great website requires visual design skills. One of the main advantages of Mobirise is that it runs on not only Windows but also Mac and Android, which permits updating a site regardless of the device you are using. The product is, fortunately, free; yet, some of the templates and extensions must be purchased separately.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Very easy to use
  • Bootstrap based
  • Offline mode
  • Fast website updates
  • Cross-platform
  • Support of extensions and templates


  • Not a hosted solution
  • Fewer features than other similar tools
  • Not many supported extensions
  • No code editing available
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